Luxembourg may be a small known country to most people but it can offer you the shopping experience of a lifetime. Not only does it have several internationally recognized designer stores, but it also has several local authentic markets that give tourists a good feel of the local culture.

One great thing that every shopper should know about Luxembourg is the fact that every town has a shopping street which offers an authentic shopping experience for tourists. Apart from that there are several markets specifically dedicated to selling vintage and antique items as well as locally produced items.

The best shopping places

Street markets

Luxembourg has weekly and monthly market days which are usually attended in large numbers both by tourists and the locals. There are also some special markets that are held occasionally. The good thing is that all these market days are present which makes it easy for you to mark the days in your calendar when market days and special jumbo sells are held in such a way that your holiday coincides with the biggest market days where you are bound to get even more things and at a better price too. Every town in Luxembourg has a shopping street which offers an authentic shopping experience for tourists. Some are specifically dedicated to vintage and this can be any shoppers dream. The hope of finding something old, precious and authentic can thrill any shopaholic. The vintage markets are filled with all kinds of stuff, form clothes and jewellery to art and even kitchen ware.

City centre

The city centre is filled with hundreds of stores all with different items for sale. The city centre is safe and even though you might be a tourist you are bound to enjoy your shopping experience. There are also guides that you can buy to help you get around the city centre each marked with the store names and what they sell. Another good thing about shopping in the city centre is the fact that there are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can sample some of the local delicacies when you need a break from the shopping and window shopping.


Luxembourg has a lot of malls filled with lots of stores to offer all its shoppers a grand shopping experience. There are lots of designer stores and if you are fun of fashion, you are bound to find luxury stores to get all the latest fashionable clothes and accessories. There are also stores where you can get souvenirs for your loved ones back at home. It is always recommended that you take to your loved ones some luxurious Luxembourg chocolate which are locally referred to as knippercher.
The shopping experience in Luxembourg is one that would thrill any shopaholic. If your idea of a great holiday is one that includes a great shopping experience, you should definitely consider a trip to Luxemburg. If your holiday is coming up soon, you could choose to use esta to apply for a visa in order to travel and to avoid any legal issues.

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